Sonic Alert "Sonic Bomb" Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker - SBB500SS

Sonic Alert "Sonic Bomb" Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker - SBB500SS

Sonic Alert

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This clock dares you to sleep through its alarm!

The Sonic Bomb Loud Alarm Clock comes from the Sonic Boom family of loud vibrating alarm clocks.

The new Sonic Bomb SBB500ss AKA “The Bomb”, has been designed for guys of all ages on a mission. This clock gets anyone out of bed so no matter the occasion if waking up on time is a must, take a look at the Sonic Bomb Loud Alarm Clock. The Stealth grey color with red controls, night vision display, and pulsating alert lights won’t keep you in the dark. Complete with ground shaking super-charged bed shaker, and turbo-charged 113dB extra loud alarm.

Product Features

  • Pulsating flashing alert lights
  • Hi/low dimmer switch for better night vision
  • RED display
  • Extra loud audio alarm, loud 113 dB adjustable tone & volume control
  • Sound and vibration notification only
  • The Bombs got your back with Battery backup, maintains time and alarm setting in the event of power failure
  • Size: 7 x 5.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Packaged with the most powerful 12-volt bed shaker

Includes: Clock, AC Adaptor, Bed Shaker Unit

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