Sonic SBP100 Traveler Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert

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The SBP100 Travel Alarm Clock has a built in vibrator to wake heavy sleepers. Just set the alarm and place the unit under your pillow or mattress.
  • 90 dB Loud alarm 
  • Sonic Shaker™ bed vibrating unit 
  • Pop-up display with convenience light (manually lighted display up to 50% longer battery life) 
  • Can set one (1) alarm
  • PM indicator
  • Battery powered - 2 x AA for the unit and 1 x AAA for the display
  • Test button to test batteries, vibrator and sound operation 
  • Easy to set function keys 
  • Easy to read .75" display 
  • Continuous four minute Snooze setting
  • Swivel & flush mounted display protects settings 
  • New green power technology now uses 60% less energy 
  • One year warranty
ID: SBP100

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