Clarity WakeAssure Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker


  • $99.99
    Unit price per 

  • Loud audio tone and flashing lamp options
  • Can set one (1) alarm
  • Super bright 2 inch display for easy reading day or night
  • Auto snooze feature
    • Every 5 minutes for the next 60 minutes
  • Battery backup (9V)
    • Saves time and alarm settings only
    • Does not ring or display time on backup power
  • Security Timer function
    • Turns a connected lamp on and off for a few seconds repeatedly randomly from 6-11pm


Safety Precautions - Read product manual for a complete list, if you have any concerns please contact product manufacturer.

  • Not water resistant
    • Avoid putting this product in damp and/or humid places
    • Do not use any aerosol cleaning products on or near device 



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