Sonic Alert HomeAware Blink System - HA360B2.1

Sonic Alert

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The HomeAware Blink, AKA the HA360B, comes in many different colors. Literally!

The blink system will light up your life with the five dazzling colors it uses to notify you to five different alerts at your home! The blinking alert takes off at the speed of a spaceship and uses five colors to light up your life like a rainbow.

This blinking alert will respond to different occurrences happening in and around your home. If you have a phone call incoming from a friend, an important text message from a family member, or a fire alarm going off, the blinking alert of the system is the first product out there to use five colors to alert you to five distinct home events. The system also functions as a blink doorbell. 

The HomeAware Blink Features

• The brightest and most colorful signaling receiver on the market today

• Connects to the HomeAware main unit, transmitters, and receivers

• Blinks five unique colors to alert you to differing alerts when used with optional transmitters

• Simply press the link button on HA360B to link to HA360DB and other HomeAware receivers and transmitters

• Move the HA360B switch from receiver mode to the main mode to reset the device

• The HA360B can be as far away as 400 feet from the HomeAware Main Unit

• A fully-charged battery lasts for 48 hours

• The battery charges fully within

• One-year Sonic Alert warranty

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