T-SIGN - active hearing loop sign

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 T-SIGN is a loop sign and is a technical solution that makes it easy to verify the function of the hearing loop system. With T-SIGN mounted on the wall or on the ceiling hearing accessibility will be visible for everyone which improves accessibility for hard-of-hearing people and makes operators benefit outmost of its investment. T-SIGN is suitable for use in meeting rooms, conference rooms, theatres, churches, cinemas, etc.

 Why visualize?

As hard-of-hearing people with hearing aids are dependent on hearing loops it will be a great disappointment if they do not function. With T-SIGN it will be easy for everyone to check that the hearing loop works without using specific measurement tools or hearing aids.

T-SIGN can be used to check hearing loops in real-time by technicians, speakers, and audience. It will also give an indication to hard-of-hearing people that the hearing loop is on and functions. If signs are installed along seat rows it can guide the audience on where to expect a properly functioning hearing loop as they are not always installed in all parts of the room.

What does T-SIGN show?

T-SIGN shows if the hearing loop is on but also confirms that the sound level is in the correct level so that hearing aid users can benefit from it. There can be many reasons why sound level on the hearing loop changes as it is dependent on several factors such as speaker microphone use, mixer board setting, and other audio equipment.

T-SIGN measures the signal strength 60 times per second and gives an average indication to the audience in comparison to a measuring tool that all the time changes as sound level differs upon speech or another type of sound. This means T-SIGN will serve but not disturb. It is only upon a problem that appears over time such as a too strong or two weak signals that T-SIGN will switch indication and display a red loop symbol (too strong level on the hearing loop) or breathing green loop symbol (too weak signal on the hearing loop). Upon corrective action as bringing the microphone closer to the

The installation is simple and can be done in any premises where there is a hearing loop - regardless of whether it is an SLS loop, Multi Loop, or another type of hearing loop. In case of weak or very weak field strength at the mounting location, the external sensor can be used. T-SIGN indicates no active hearing loop (unlit sign), field strength within the limits of IEC 60118-4 (green sign), too-weak field strength (pulsating sign), and too-strong field strength (red sign). T-SIGN does not change character for temporary events, but it is if it is too strong or weak over time that T-SIGN changes character. T-SIGN has a built-in light relay and adapts to the ambient light. Therefore, it also works in premises where the lights are switched off - for example, cinema halls.

Assembly: included 2 screws with plugs Power supply: 15 V, 1A. External power supply 110 – 230 V AC Input: External coil. Power consumption: 1 W Dimensions: 183 x 46 x 157 (LxWxH) Weight: 354 g Colour: Aluminium Lamp type: LED Frequency range: 300 Hz – 2000 Hz (rel -3 dB) Indication (based on average signal): No signal ( < -15 dB): Off Weak signal (-7 - -15 dB): Soft pulsating green glow Normal signal (0 - -6 dB): Steady green light Strong signal (> 0 dB): Solid red light Settings: DIP switches