• Sonic Alert HomeAware Remote Receiver - HA360RK
Sonic Alert

Sonic Alert HomeAware Remote Receiver - HA360RK

This is not a standalone unit.

The Deluxe Signaler will relay any notifications that are received by the main unit. Place in another room of the house where you want to be notified of events such as smoke/CO, the doorbell and others. The Deluxe receiver does not feature an audible speaker alarm like the main unit but does offer the strobe flash and the scrolling display.


  • Bright Flashing LED icons 
  • Different flash patterns for each alert sent 
  • Adds an additional 1,000 ft of range to the HA360M Main Unit 
  • Battery backup (3 AA batteries not included)


This product requires:

Sonic HomeAware HA360MK Home Alert System

This product works with:

Sonic HomeAware HA360RK Remote Receiver

Sonic HomeAware HA360SSBCK Baby Monitor

Sonic HomeAware HA360SSSCK Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Sonic HomeAware HA360DB Extra Doorbell

Sonic HomeAware HA360BU Bridge Unit

Sonic SS12V Bed Shaker