Sonic Alert HomeAware Bridge Unit - HA360BU

Sonic Alert HomeAware Bridge Unit - HA360BU

Sonic Alert

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Connect old receivers to the Sonic Bridge. Link your Sonic Bridge with the old receivers.

The Sonic Bridge is literally the bridge between your old Sonic Systems and the newest HomeAware system. The Sonic Bridge is the only wireless system that is compatible with all the receivers from your old Sonic Systems. The bridging unit is plugged into a 120v outlet and the opposite is plugged into the back of the HomeAware main unit, where it says Lamp SW.

Your bridging unit is now working and connecting everything together. The device also allows a lamp to be plugged into it for a flashing lamp option. Once you turn your lamp switch to the “on” position, it can now be controlled by the HomeAware main unit.

There’s so much to love about HomeAware, and the Sonic Bridge just brings it all together. Why not get a cool new bridging unit that will bring out the best in your HomeAware? We cannot seem to find a reason why you shouldn’t.

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