Sonic Alert SBT600SS - Traveler Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert

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This small alarm clock includes a six volt bed shaker and is adjustable and loud. This clock even has a USB port so that you can even charge your smartphone!


  • Loud 100dB audible alarm with adjustable tone and volume control
  • 6 volt bed shaker
  • Bright red display
  • 5-level dimmer function
  • Can set one (1) alarm
  • User selectable alarm duration 1-59 minutes (default is 30 minutes)
  • User selectable snooze duration 1-30 minutes (default is 9 minutes)
    • Maximum of 119 minutes snoozed per alarm period
  • Improved battery backup (9V) will back up the time & alarm settings up to 1 week
  • Dual time (12/24 hour time formats) with PM indicator
  • USB port with an output of 500mA

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Test Mode: Press and hold the Snooze and Time buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Device will leave test mode after one (1) minute or press any button to exit beforehand.

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