Sonic Alert HomeAware Smoke/CO Sound Transmitter - HA360SSSCK2.1

Sonic Alert

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Let the HomeAware Smoke/CO Sound Transmitter alert you to your carbon monoxide detector alarm sound! Allow the HomeAware Smoke/CO Sound Transmitter to tell you whether there is a carbon monoxide alarm sound going off!

Do you have trouble hearing your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm? Does it scare you that you cannot tell if it is going off or not? Worry no longer. The HomeAware Smoke/CO Sound Transmitter is here to solve all of your problems!

Through the HomeAware main unit and remote receivers, this sound transmitter will detect a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm sound and send a signal. Following that, the red LED light will start flashing. Should it detect a loud smoke detector sound that meets the T3 standard used for smoke detectors, the word "SMOKE" will be displayed on your HomeAware main unit. Alternatively, if it detects a loud sound from a carbon monoxide (CO) detector meeting the T4 standard, "CO" will display on your HomeAware main unit.

"ALERT" will scroll across your HomeAware main unit should it detect a loud sound not meeting the T3 or T4 standard. The sensitivity of the "ALERT" can be controlled via a back switch. You can choose from three levels, which include the HI setting that alerts you to more sounds and is most sensitive, the MED setting, which alerts you to less sound and is less sensitive, and the LO setting that is least sensitive of all.

Should you not be able to pick up the sound you wish to be alerted to, move the sensitivity to a setting higher. You can also attempt to move the transmitter closer to the source sound. 

This transmitter can do a lot and make your life a bit more simpler. See how easier your life becomes with this device!

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