MiniBuddy Voice Amplifier


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We guarantee you the ‘wow’ factor when you give our voice amplifier a try. With 8 watts power coupled with a 2 ¾” aluminum reinforced speaker cone, crystal clear and undistorted voice reproduction is what you can hear.

The voice amplifier weighs simply 175 grams but is packed with most complex circuitry designs to ensure simple operation. Easy to use and ergonomically designed for comfort and style.

Don’t worry about over-charging, as the amplifier will cease charging by itself upon full charge! It will notify you with a flick of indicator light from ‘red’ to ‘green’.


  • Patented stylish design and appearance
  • Powerful double magnetic trumpet for cleaner penetrating sound
  • Ergonomic & comfortable design
  • Uni-directional condenser capsule to minimize unwanted interference
  • 10 watts of powerful output with excellent sound coverage
  • Lithium lightweight rechargeable battery
  • Superior MP3 audio encoding technology supporting TF card & U-flash drive disk

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